Zen Fun Cats

Funny Cat Memes of Zen and Meow

HR Carrot Cat Zen

We repeat, there is NO Carroll in HR!





i can haz one with all the stuff and everything on it

Buddha Cat



fruity raw food diet cat meme

Raw food diet is fruity even without the fruit.




lion cat

lesser than proud moments




Meme of wise cat

Wise Cat Meme


In her famous “Letter to My Cats,” cat-fancier L.R. wrote to her beloved tabbies “….you obviously feel differently, but I assure you that I’m the being who owns you and not vice-versa.”  Most cat-owners can relate to this statement since cats, by nature, act as though their human companion exists solely for the purpose of serving their needs. Whereas dogs are thrilled to do tricks, come when called and ease their masters’ lives, cats seem certain that they were brought into the house to give their owners a chance to serve.. Yet millions of people around the world obviously derive a great deal of pleasure from owning a cat because cats are the preferred pet, by a significant percentage, in almost every country in the world. The question is, then, why? Maybe it’s because it’s so relaxing to stroke a purring cat, but there are many other furry animals who will happily snuggle in your lap for a petting session. Perhaps it’s because cats don’t require a lot of care. Yet the same can be said of many breeds of small dogs, rabbits, birds and even reptiles. Probably the most frequently-cited reason for adopting a cat involves the pleasure that cat owners get from observing their funny pets. Cats act in silly ways – they stalk inanimate objects, pounce on living creatures and inanimate objects at will and interact in hilarious ways with other species. It’s a lot of fun to watch a funny cat as it engages in silly antics. There are funny cats in photos and on video clips as well as in books and around the internet. Yet there’s nothing like sitting in your armchair and watching your own, live cat, entertain you, and then stalk away when it wants to regain its dignity.