Technology & Exercise Funny Cat Memes

As any cat owner will tell you, cats are curious.

This means that while you have all this stuff lying around your apartment that you hardly use,

to the cat it is a mystifying object worthy of an inspection.

Two of such items are exercise equipment and computer hardware.




i can haz spotter funny cat meme

With a spotter, kitty can get back into furry shape in no time.



Cats in the computer

This is the best way to get your computer back up and running, if needed.



cat meme of modern techmologies

Cat really is a FANny Cat in this one…



Cat Napping on Weights Meme

Cat trying to be funny about a serious matter like exercise and fitness.



Funny Workout Cat

‘Cause Funny Cat works out ALL. THE. TIME.



IT cat funny meme

Also, did u need all those hard drives or NAH?