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Science Cats

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control group science cat Cat lovers know that there’s nothing more soothing than the sensation that comes when a slumbering cat curls up in your lap. You might be reading a book, watching TV or, if you are looking for a more interactive acctivity, you might be playing casino games for real money prizes at the online casino. Having a cat around is a relaxing sensation and that feeling of calm serenity often carries over to your gaming pursuits, allowing you to achieve better results through more thoughtful and introspective gambling actions. If you don’t have a kitty on hand who can snuggle while you play your games you can still channel feline energies by looking at some of the internet’s best cat pics. The internet is full of images of funny cats so we giggle at the cat memes and other pictures to energize us for the gaming session ahead. Players who play at Microgaming casinos are particularly aware of this phenomena. Microgaming is the microscope cat casino memeworld’s leading software developer so as you’re playing with your cat you can compete at any of your favourite online slots, card games, roulette games or online lotteries. The best online casinos for Microgaming players offer multiple casino platforms which gives each player the opportunity to play games that meet his personal needs and expectations. Some of the top casino games that are found at the best microgaming casinos include the Gold Series and Premium Series Roulette, Blackjack and Baccarat games, instant win lottery and arcade games such as sic go, Wheel of Fortune, scratch card, games in the Max Damage series and more. The majority of cat fanciers choose to play the slot machines where they’ll find interactive features and game storylines that meet any interest or fantasy. Some of the most popular slot machines at the top casinos involves games with themes that range from history and science fiction to mystery, mythology, mysticism, humor, culinary arts, animals, sports, romance, intrigues, adventure, suspense, and more. Some gamers like to play pinball machine catsimple three-reel classic slots which are known as “spin and win” slot machines.. These slots involve 3 reels and a limited number of paylines. All you do in these games in spin the reels and collect the payouts on the winning combinations. Most players these days look for the five-reel video slots which offer many additional features and bonus rounds. It’s simple to find the type of slots that you want. Read the slots reviews and then pick the slots that have plots that interest you, free spins, elements that enhance the game (some options are 243 Ways to Win, 1024 Ways to Win, free spins, no deposit bonus rounds, no deposit casino bonus promotions and other fun-filled activities. Microgaming casinos ensure that there are games to fit any player gambling level, ability and fantasy. As you make your choice, don’t forget to check out the graphics to ensure that your game will provide you with a fun-filled Las Vegas experience that plays out on your gaming screen.poker cat

The Gambling Cat Gambit

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Gambling cat looses those precious tuna coins

Cat looses out on the gambling windfall of Tuna Can Coins – simply because he did not properly study the elaborate Terms And Conditions regarding accepting Bonuses at the online casino. Oh well Mr Gambling Cat, better luck next time. SOURCE



Casino Cat Risk Management Memes

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Cat Gambling Memes

We all know how cats have a prepencity for curios things,

and nothing screams shiny curiosity than a casino

These are staged photos of a cat playing casino games with his owner.



Cat playing fun casino with hoomin for microgaming

Microgaming Cat and Hoomin playing poker or some game like that



microgaming cat casino meme

This is like 7th time cat lost in such a manner. Oh well, read the fine print…




cat ownership meme macro kitten

The Cat ownership Gamble all cat owners have taken:

Lucky Cats

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Cats are known for their ability to harness pure luck out of the fabric of the universe.
This strange capacity allows the cats to gain favour in the eyes of humans, who also find them hilarious.

Perhaps this is why humans and cats get along so well.

cat dreams of revenge

Cat contemplates his revenge in dramatic silhouette.

good cat bowling

Ladies & Genltcats, CAT BOWLING GIF!



serious party cat

No Ocifer, I haz no been drunking at all



Cat with Chick

Funny cat has a chick all over him and reacts like true player



brave batman cat

Cat looks like Batman, is not nearly as brave



ballerina cyborg the cat

Dis roomba makes me Cyborgs?




funny cats playing cards

Dead-pan cat meme of cats playing cards in a very orderly fashion




very funny cat chases tail GIF

The great cat N’ tail chase of 2015




funny cat with monkey

Cat has monkey preening his back




lights out cat GIF

Cat prefers the lights out




cat gambling problems

Cat Gambling

Much like little kids, cats have the ability to look cute even when are causing trouble. It is also true that a loving look or hug from your cat means that you just cannot be angry at them for very long. The amazing thing about these funny cats photos is that on the whole these images have not been altered or photo shopped in any way. It really is true that cats are funny creatures and will try and squeeze themselves into spaces that are really not meant for them. They also have a wonderful ability to jump and climb, even though they do sometimes get stuck and then need help getting down. As well as being perfectly hilarious, cats can also be spiteful and mean and can be gently purring against your leg before pouncing on you and scratching your hand. Cats are the coolest animals on the internet and if more space was dedicated to many awesome cat pictures there would probably be a whole lot more laughter going on in the world. If you are ever feeling down or lonely and you are not the lucky owner of a cat, just make your way to one of the wonderful cat sites and laugh your head off. This is guaranteed to change your mood and get you ready to face the world again.