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We iz funny catz!

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cat fun memeMany people know that cats were worshipped and revered in ancient Egypt but did you ever wonder why? It seems that at first, cats were used as rat catchers and were regarded for their ability to keep snakes and other types or rodents away from the life-giving grains that formed the basis of the Egyptian people’s diets. Over the course of time the cats evolved into a form of Egyptian god and they were pampered and cared for by members of all classes in Egyptian society. In some well-to-do homes the inhabitants places statues of a cat outside the home to ward off evil spirits, showing us today how he cat was regarded as an integral part of the ancient Egyptian family life. What does this history tell us about our own society?  Cats are no longer worshipped but they are still the source of a great deal of pleasure and good will. Despite the rumors about black cats being a source of bad luck, online casino players know that the presence of cats, or cat pici sink therefore i cats, actually brings good luck. When you have a cat lying in your lap, or cat memes and other pictures of funny cats surrounding you while you play online casino games, you are more likely to enjoy a more successful gaming event. The cat’s habit of patiently watching any situation until it is prepared to jump is a great precursor for gambling activities, since in order to achieve ultimate gaming success, you need to be focused and concentrate on the task at hand. The more relaxed you become, the better you’ll be able to proceed with your gaming pursuits in a successful manner that propels you to rewards and payouts. This is true for beginning and advanced gamers alike as well as for players who are gaming with large bankrolls as well as those who have smaller budgets. It’s also advised that players take more of an active part in moving forward in their gambling achievements by identifying the best online casinos for their gaming pursuits. These include both online casinos with and without no deposit bonus options as well as top cat hanging outcasino with the best games, multiple gaming platforms, convenient ebanking options, free-sign-ups, 24/7 access and other important amenities that lead to a rewarding gambling event of fun and rewards. Casino experts suggest the Microgaming casinos as the type of casinos that provide all of these amenities and more. When you play at the best Microgaming casino s you can register for free and immediately collect your Welcome Bonus which welcomes you into the casino with match gaming credits and casino cash. This means that, during your first week at such a microgaming casino, you’ll be able to play more games for more time on no deposit casino bonus match credits and then collect the rewards on your wins. At microgaming casinos you have your choice of games with options that range from single player and multi player blackjack and poker games to European and American roulette, lotteries such as scratch card, keno, bingo and sic bo, baccarat and craps and any of the hundreds of featured online slots.


Feel The Purr

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A few cat memes from Election 2016 Primaries Democract and that whole hangup with New Hampshire, which does hold historical significance. YEAH BABY – Feel the BERN!

Bernie Sanders Cat Meme

Feel the Bern | Feel The Purr | Bernie Sanders Holding a Cat

Hilary constituents cat meme socks clinton

So important to base that consolidate and condensate that yes we cat

New Hampshire election cat meme

New Hampshire Is the most important state because what now?

Cat Escapes

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Fat cat can't get thru the door for online casino real money

If you want to use that doorway, cat, you may want to loose some weight. Then again, it did work and he got the through the door this time.


online casino real money cat showing you in slow motion how he escapes

Super Hero Cat Slow Motion Escape


Found these CAT GIFs here – re posted with permission

Fluffy White Cat Memes

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Some cat memes of very fluffy, white cats. Some may be 18% grey

They are all funny – SOURCE

cat meme monday

The cat that just loves Mondays like everyone.



fluffy white cat nawt mad

Good thing cat, we wuz scared.



Derp cat


What Is Best To Cuddle Up with?

There are so many things you can cuddle up with these days. You can, for example, find yourself cuddling up with a puppet or a doll, and you can find yourself cuddling up with your favourite pillow. These days many people find themselves many wonderful objects to cuddle up with, and the greater the cuddling activity grows, the greater the question of “what is best to cuddle up with?” gets. You will be able to see many people trying to answer this question in many different ways, and some would say there is no one single answer to this question. If you turn to the internet, however, you will be able to see there is a prominent answer that rises in the different ways the question is being asked. The most interesting thing that is found once a person is making this research is that he or she can find out that during the past few years a growing interest in cats was discovered by multiple people. Cats are increasingly becoming more and more appealing to the average person all around the world, and now a growing interest over the internet is explicitly shown. Among many other things, a very prominent benefit of this phenomenon is exhibited – more and more people can now quickly understand it doesn’t require much to be happy (all they have to do is have a cat), and they can much faster find the answer to their question “what is best to cuddle up with?” since the internet serves as a great source to answer this question. If you are also looking for something to cuddle up with (especially when you are playing the different mobile casino and online casino games), you might be also asking yourself are cats are considered as the best in field. If the answer to this question truly fascinates you, you better understand that cats are greatly rewarded for their amazing fur. Their fur is considered very nice to touch (and to be touched by) and people cannot hold themselves, and not appreciate it. The fact that the fur is so good to touch (and to be touched by) usually has a very relaxing effect over people from all around the world. People who are feeling a little (or very) tensed for many reasons will find it very beneficial to have a cat as soon as ever possible. In addition to that, a lot of mobile casino gamers find a lot of merit in having a cat. The cats, as it turns out, help the gamers play their games much better and when they cuddle up & gamble they tend to be really sharp and feel they are almost naturally gifted in what they do! There is no controversy that being a fine gambler, winning so many times in one game (or winning so many different games in no time) will substantially help you achieve much more in every area of your life! The better you feel about yourself, and the more self – confidence you have in your abilities, the better you can get in whatever it is that you are doing! So, allow yourself to grow, allow yourself to love and to be loved, and make your days shine bright for you and for all of those who surround you! Good luck!