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Business Catz

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sorry-petting-us-is-for-customers-only-business-catsI get home and hit the couch covered with white cat hair all over. My place is a mess for someone who cleans other people’s houses for a living, but that’s what you get from having a boisterous family and a longhaired cat. Of course I know how to get out the cat hair and the rest of it, but I just don’t have the energy for it after all the work I do during the day. All I can do is make dinner unless my husband or kids have been good enough to do it, then chat to them a bit about our day. After that I just have to relax – watch my favourite soaps on TV, play a few games at microgaming casinos or have a laugh at the funny cats on the Net.

Just now the owner of all that hair jumps on my lap and makes herself comfortable. I stroke her while I browse through some cat memes and keep an ear for anything interesting on TV. I should have known better than to get a longhaired white cat, of course, knowing the mess they make, but Fluffy just followed me home one day. Then the kids saw her and begged me to let her stay, and that was the end of yeah-ok-come-in-but-just-for-a-few-minutesit. Fluffy quickly became everyone’s favourite… and all our furniture and clothes got white streaks on them all of a sudden. And no one ever removes all that hair.

I swear, these funny cats are better than most sitcoms you see on TV. Cat memes are alright too. Fluffy looks at me with her beautiful blue eyes and I fancy that she’s laughing with me. I reckon she also likes looking at cat pics too, just as we look at pics of celebrities in fancy frocks in magazines.

Meanwhile, I feel like a few games, so I check out which of the best online casinos I know have some specials tonight, like a no deposit bonus or free spins. I came across microgaming casinos quite by accident – clicked on an ad while I was doing something else. I saw my we-have-reviewed-ur-proposal-it-did-not-smell-like-tuna-so-we-will-not-be-doing-business-together-catfirst no deposit casino bonus soon after and started looking for them. Now I know that you really have to choose the best microgaming casinos ‘cos they have the most specials. Top casinos are more fun to play at, too – they look nicer and have more games.

I’d say I know all or most of the best online casinos by now, although there are new ones popping up every day. I’m a bit too tired to try out new games, so I just have a go at some old favourites at the online casino where they’ve thrown in a good few free spins and a nice no deposit bonus. I’m pretty pleased with the haul, all up. It’s time for bed, but first I’m going to give my good girl her tuna. She deserves it for being such a sweet kitty, hair on the couch or not.

Super Silly Cats

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box cat meme

Dis box helps me wit super powerz

No one locks me up, that is what went through the head of this pure white cat as he sat in his boring cage waiting for transportation to the cat home. Forget that he thought as with one simple paw flick he was able to unbolt the simple lock and head for escape. Never underestimate the intelligence and craftiness of a cat that is able to manipulate many things with his little paws as this white cat proved. The lock may be a simple one but no one expected that the cat would be able to open it by just sticking his paw through the cage door and flicking the lock. And no cat wants to be locked up or should be locked up, this was the feeling of the white cat that probably went on to open the cages of many of the other cats letting them loose and starting a fully blown funny cat party! In future the cat catchers need to put padlocks on the cage and hide the keys. Number locks won’t do because the cat with all his intelligence can probably figure out the combination for these locks also. Cats are to be loved and not locked up in cages as this snow white beauty proved to the world.
Enjoy the funny cats that you’ll see in these cat memes and have a blast seeing what each of the cats will do next. You’ll see hilarious images here and have fun.


mickey mouse funny cat meme

Mickey Meows Funny Cat



vacation cat meme

Mr. Cat on Vacation





Melting Cat Meme

Please Note: Cats are liquid not just because of the heat.




Fun weekend cat meme

Cat after a moderate, yet fun, weekend




black cat ladder meme

Black cat walking under a ladder = GOOD LUCK?




funny cat business meme

Strictly Cat Business




gravity cat meme

Perhaps it is time for a cat in space?



Cat mail order phone meme

Cat ordering some more dead birds on over the phone.



balance greater than nine lives

Funny Cat Match




oil dinosaurs cat meme

Prehistoric vs CAT



invisible explosion cat meme

Another funny cat meme for the collection of Invisible Cat Stuff



star wars funny cat meme

Jedi Cat Meme


It’s a new day and each one offers you hilarious funny cat pictures. These memes and gifs allow any person to have a blast looking through the pictures and seeing what will entertain them next. Will they find it the funniest when they see funny cat pictures where the cats are getting hurt and jumping into crazy places? Or will they find it the funniest when the cats are thinking of crazy things and getting into trouble this way and that? These are all possibilities and when you look at the cat memes and really start to think about what the cats are thinking, you can have a great time. These pictures are always there and always changing so that the person who visits the site can also know that they will have a new laugh each day. Each time that they go back to the site, they can enjoy the awesome cats and the funny pictures. This will give them a chance to giggle and to enjoy their time looking at the cats. The cat memes are always funny and fun to look at and they let everyone have a good laugh and enjoy what they are looking at.


cat goof meme

Hoomin will be mad 🙁




 y u mad cat meme bro

Meme of cat on an antenna




no regrets cat meme

i haz no regretz




u mad bro funnycat meme

don’t be mad bro, i got your meows