Smarty Pants Cats

Smarty Cats Doing Their Thing

We are all familiar with the scrappy cats and the fluffy cats, but what about the 1% cats that are a bit into themselves and worry about very fancy cat problems?

Some cats have it really good, and you’d think they would be thankful for that, but that is not the case.

Fancy cats that are pampered have a sense of entitlement that makes them less happy for the most part. Oh well.

Found these fancy cats HERE

Well, here are a few examples. Enjoy!


these are not the purritos you are looking for

Cat attempting his Jedi stuff.



fancy cat wants some Foie Gras

Fancy Cat Demands Fancy Things



First time on a boat kitten in a cup

Captain Cat ready to set sail, sir



cat STAHP that face squishing please

Squishy Faced Cat would like you to please STAHP THAT NOW