Silly Cats Be Funny?

Some pretty silly cats being damn funny


we needz like 5 moar minutes

Cat asks for like another 5 minutes and then he is UP




Cat drinking from water fountain

Cat drinking out of a wishing fountain.




meme of black cat

Black Cat Meme




the feels of public water fountain experience

I drinks it all up faster dis way




Matrix cat jokes LOL

Funny cat matrix jokes



cat water meme

Be careful not to get addicted to water.



black cat hiding meme

moves along hoooomin, u saw nothing



invisible at meme swimming pool

The invisible swimming pool cat meme



meme of melting black cat

Black Cat Melting Meme



cat invisible meme

Invisible Cat Samurai Sword CHARGE




cat in a hoodie hood

Hood Cat

Socks, funny cats, and unexpected occurrences!

Funny cats can be found in so many weird and unexpected events during our lives. You can never know when, where and how you will find your cat doing the next unexpected thing. Some people have decided to capture the best and most hilarious moments they saw when their cats decided to do some really weird things. The result? A wonderful collection of many pictures, videos and memories of cats being watched all over the world. So, the first thing that was perceived in the eye of the (laughing) camera, was a cat sticking itself into a sock and looking so goddamn sweet. The little cat was observed while meowing nicely, looking for some attention from the people around it. The people, of course, found this cat as highly hilarious and couldn’t prevent themselves from giving it all the attention it was looking for. Another wonderful example was of a cat looking at the mirror and trying to scare its own reflection. The cat of standing there, looking at its reflection closely and even a little bit angrily, while meowing loudly and continuously. The cat was sometimes even getting closer and closer to the mirror with the intention of getting the reflection away. Once more, the people who saw this incident decided to keep a few memories to themselves and quickly brought the camera. The “memories” were uploaded to the social networks where the people’s friends commented and shared the “findings”. A lot of people enjoy entertaining themselves with some wonderful moments of funny cats committing some weird actions. Different cats may be entertained by committing totally different sort of actions, but one thing is surely common to all cats worldwide – all the cats you will ever get to see have an unlimited potential to make you laugh whole heartily every time they just want and it is your responsibility to keep your eyes open in order to be ready for the next time such a thing will happen!