Roaring Cat GIFs

The lions ROAR and the kitten’s meow are probably the most familiar sounds of Big Cats and Small Cats. Maybe a few people out there know the growl of a tiger, or that gargling of a cougar, but for the most part, people have heard kitty-cats meow and at some point or another folks have seen an MGM film which has that lion roaring in the beginning.

These hilarious cat GIFs are of various kitties ROARing or Meowing or some combination of the two. Got these funny cat GIFs here


Kitty ROAR

I can haz my own kingdom now?




Roarring Kitties

Please oh please may i has some Tooona?




kitty meow imagination

That meow you are hearing is in your head, this GIF has no sound


square pants cat memeattack mode hypnotized kitty

roar and meow is mixed

Roar and Meow Mixed