Emotions Cats

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Cats are indeed NOT people,

But that doesn’t stop them from having emotions that make us thing that we can relate to them

Here are some funny cats doing just that



coloring is fun but nap is more fun for my cat

Cat making big plans to color, but then just taking a nap



Ice Cream Truck Addicts Cats

Cats with an ice-cream truck addiction problem




cat crush meow

That is if you are a cat, and that cat’s have crushes

Plaid Cats

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Doesn’t matter if plaid is making a comeback or not

These cat’s could care less about your fashion asspirations.

Cats sporting PLAID and all that entails.



cat has too much plaid if there is such a thing

Cat may have over plaid his hand.



plaid advice cat

Cat wearing plaid gives funny advice with a plaid pun



lawyer cat

Cat plaids for your mercy, y’honour

Cats of Furry

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Funny Cats Furry Cats

A collection of funny cats that are indeed furry too – SOURCE


bring me tuna funny cat

The Furry Tuna Monster Funny Cat



furry cat overhead

Cat flying overheard in this awesome snap




Cat give high five to little kid GIF

I think this is the true “man’s best friend”