Travelling Funny Cats

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Suitcase Cat Meme

Funny cat in a suit case that suits him

Most people don’t smile each and every day. It’s hard to always find yourself happy and to smile. But if you have cat memes around, then you’ll find yourself smiling just about every day and every time that you see these pictures. The funny cat in each of the pictures makes you want to laugh out loud as you see the silly things that each cat is doing and think about what they might be thinking. Obviously, since we can’t predict what the cat is actually thinking, the cat gifs and cat memes give you a funny insight about what they might be thinking. And you can enjoy each hilarious picture and think about what you might have put as the caption on the picture. This is a great way to have a fun time and to find yourself smiling at times when you wouldn’t necessary think you would smile. Each of these pictures also only takes a second to look at which means that you can catch a smile here and a smile there without having to invest a lot of time in the activity. It’s a great way to have fun anytime that you have literally one second to spare to check out funny cats and to get a giggle out of looking at them.

samurai cat meme

With great power comes great responsibilities and loud meows.



invisible cat meme of the invisisble motorcycle

Funny cat meme of an invisible motorcycle



cat asking if we are there yet

Cat in a suitcase asking if we are there yet.



can opener funny running cat meme

Funny Cat meme of a kitty running when hearing the can opener



meme of cat on a bus

Cat bus meme

Hiding Funny Cats

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Cat owners know that all cats like to hide. They are VERY good at it.
Cats are usually also very FUNNY when they hide, and this serves our stated purpose.Have a close look at these funny cat memes, you’ll notice that some of them are very hard to find.

Enjoy these funny cats!

got internet funny cat meme

Cat is needy of internet usage



size 8 tabby cat

Cat shoes



dog gone cat meme

This is a dog gone cat meme



Drawer Cat

Cat in a drawer



hidden black cat meme

Hidden luck has gotta be good luck



Find the Hiding Cat

The funny cat is hiding behind the dishes in the open dishwasher, for all those that didn’t find him.



Funny Cat Accountant FEELZ

Funny cat meme of a kitty under a pile of receipts like how we all feel at the accountant office.



i sink there 4 i am cat meme

Funny cat is hiding in the sink and making lame pun joke.



cat hiding from VET

Funny cat hiding at the VETs office.



funny cat really bad hiding spot

Cat is hiding behind a bag of cat food that has a picture similar to the cats head, so not hiding very well.

Theory as to WHY cats are funny…

As clever as a cat is, it can also be very stupid which is why we think of cats as funny cats. Have you ever seen a cat chasing his tail? It is a very funny sight to behold. The cat doesn’t quite understand why he can’t touch this thing that is attached to the end of his body. The tail is there and it moves but as the cat moves, the tail moves again and gets further away. It is very funny to observe a cat chasing something that he just can’t get a hold of with his paws. Watching a cat chasing his shadow also provides lots of entertainment. The cat keeps following his shadow and doesn’t quite understand why he can’t get hold of the shadow and why it moves when he moves. There are so many cute videos and pictures of cats trying to get hold of something that is either part of their body or just moves with them like a shadow or a sunlight beam that is shining through a window and the cat can’t quite grasp the light. So in fact when saying cats are clever, they are to a certain extent but we can also enjoy their stupidity as they chase their shadows, the ray of light and even their tails endlessly.

Cat Fun Memes

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Any cat owner will tell you, ALL CATS ARE FUNNY.

That doesn’t mean the cats are doing it in purpose, it is just how thing ended up being for society and cats.

Here are some fun cat memes of cat’s just doing their things, with a funny comment added to it.

Please do not be offended by anything here, Funny Cats is only meant to joke, not provoke.



kitten mirror meme funny cat

Funny cat wants to bust his reflection outta the mirror.



ermahgerd we harve kitterns

Ermahgerd! it lirk u gort me kirtirns



prison cat meme

Everyone has that one friend



Funny cat offering fluff

Fluff for the masses



picky cat meme

Very. Picky. Cat.



stay cool cat meme

stay cool this summer with cool cat



Funny Cat fails at breaking and entering.

Breaking And Entering FAIL by Funny Cat



cat meme bruce jenner meme funny

Get it, Like Bruce Jenner?



funny cat meme is cheesy

Very cheesy funny cat meme



cat meme in a measuring cup

Funny cat measures



Funny cat gamer meme

Hoomin, u better have some cat food for dis funny cat here!


Funny Cats:

One of the funniest cat videos making the rounds today on social media depicts the way that a mother cat demonstrates, to her kitten, how to walk down the stairs. As the video opens, viewers observe the steps that a mother golden retriever takes as she shows her puppy the art of descending a staircase. It takes this mother dog approximately ten minutes to model the skill of how the puppy can get safely down the stairs. The mother dog walks patiently back and forth, up and down the stairs, as she helps her puppy gain the confidence that he needs to master the art of walking down the stairs. When the puppy starts to walk down, each tentative step is accompanied by the mother’s nuzzling and gentle cooing until finally, the pair arrive at the bottom of the stairs. The video goes on to contrast the process to the actions of a mother cat who also wants her kitten to get downstairs. The kitten, who stand next to its mother at the top of the stairs, shows just as much apprehension as the puppy, but when the mother cat sees that her kitten isn’t moving fast enough, she takes her paw and sends the hapless youngster tumbling down the stairs. Anyone who owns a cat won’t be surprised — cats are funny creatures whose antics keep us in stitches. Some cats are haughty by nature while others are aloof. There are also plenty of loving, friendly cats who thrive on petting and attention. But whatever a cat’s personality, it’s also funny. It’s great fun to watch funny cats as they move through their daily lives, doing all kinds of hilarious things that make us smile. Watching these images of silly cats are useful because, if we weren’t able to look forward to enjoying funny cat antics, we probably wouldn’t pay the same amount of attention to them and lavish the time and affection on them the way that we do.

elevator cat meme

Dis elevator door takes forever to close.



they can haz cake funny cat meme

Dis cake come in tuna flavours perhaps?

Funny Cats Crimes and Escape

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As all cat owners know, aside from being “funny”, cats have other qualities to them that are hard to miss.
ONE of those qualities is being an escape artist.
As cats have proven that they are good at getting into tight spots,
it is only natural they be even better at getting out of said tight spots.

On this page you’ll find a whole ‘lotta funny cats as they got snapped in their moments of escape, or related behaviour.



Escaping Funny Cat on the GO

You can do it, FUNNY CAT! You Can Do It!



Escape Artist Cat

Funny Cat GIF of a meowzer escaping from his cage.



Got the wrong cat meme

Funny cat thinks he is innocent.



Funny trapped cat

Cat meme of a cat trapped by tape markings on the group. NO ESCAPE!



Funny cat meme with burner phones

Thug cat is funny cat with burner phones.



sad eyes funny cat meme

Cat wants you to wait for his important stares and meows.



Funny cat responds to the word VET

The opposite happens when you run the can opener, so maybe we’ll try doing both at the same time.


If you have enjoyed these funny cats (and you clearly did or you would not be here at the bottom of the page) then feel free to check out our FUNNY CATS HOMEPAGE regularly for the latest funny cats.