Moving Cats

cat moving meme

When it’s time to move, cats will know ahead of time

cat with care

Handelz dis wit LOTS of care pleez

Cats are on the whole very intelligent creatures or so it is believed. My cat may be intelligent but there is definitely an element of stupidity to him together with laziness. The other day I found him just sitting in an upright shoe box looking at the back of the shoe box. It took me a long time to figure out why he was doing that, his fluffy ginger body just sitting there waiting for something to happen. And then I realized, the lazy feline had wondered into the shoe box thinking it was an elevator and was waiting for the box to move. Yes he even was pawing the side from time to time, just like we humans do, making sure the doors close and the elevator starts moving. But the cat with all his intelligence or lack of it did not realize that he was in a shoe box and not a special cat elevator. That shoe box was not going anywhere and he could wait there for as long as he wanted or until he got too hungry to wait anymore and just decided to find another way up! Don’t you just love cats and their idiosyncrasies!


cat hair moving

And that is why there is always cat hair all over the place

very funny cat traveller

cat is suspicious of your packings

meme about cat food packing

Cat Food Packing