Math Cats

Good Will Cat

Genius Cat Solved Catfood Math Problems




cat dog math

Cat Math Works, especially when it is for getting rid of the dog.





I iz super maths




cat math face

My math face is even worse




Math Cat just yawning

Looks excited, but just yawning cause so BORING

Funny Cats So True

Whoever says that cats are docile creatures are completely wrong. The cat is a clever and crafty animal and also a very cute one with it. A cat when left alone can get into all sorts of trouble. The traditional picture of a cat unravelling a ball of wool is long gone and people are much more familiar with mischievous pictures of cats whether they are getting up to naughty things like jumping on tables and eating the dinner that was left out or they are jumping in the sink with all the plates and covered in soap suds looking super cute and rather guilty at the same time. The endless antics of a cat provide nonstop entertainment for everyone even people who don’t like cats find them hilarious. Those people can just turn around and say well that is why I don’t have a cat and the cat lovers can look at the cat in the sink covered in bubbles and say see how cute he is and how much fun he is to have in the house. Well everyone thinks that until he climbs out from under his bubbles and makes a soapy mess all over the floor and causes everyone who passes by to slip but that’s all part of the fun in having a cat to look after, love and pet, right?