Mars Has Water! Hilarious Cat Memes

The Red Planet Has Water!

While the rest of the world processes this information, cat memes are also absorbing said information, and it is hilarious.

While Tuna Comes In Brine and what was found on MARS IS BRINE lends itself as a concept that will easily permit some tuna-fish jokes,

Cats have being going to space for decades already, but who will be the first cat to the moon, or to Mars, or even to the international space station?

The concept of a cat going into space is very comical. As the delicate nature of space craft and the hap hazard claws and personality of cats seems like a hilarious recipe for disaster.

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Mars Cat Meme

Cat has found new meaning in red planets

 There are going to be many many more jokes about brine and tuna here, PREPARE YOURSELVES!

cat space driving

It is funny because cats can’t drive, and cars can’t fly in outer space.

 We will now take a short break from TUNA BRINE cat memes…

napping space cat

NASA – Nap Aeronautics Space Agency

 And now a space oriented cat meme with tuna mentioned, but no mention of brine…


Cosmocat with CD case on his head.

That it, can’t take it anymore, MUST. SHOW. TUNA. BRINE. MEME.

cat pizza meme gif

I bet you missed a pizza this joke

OK, that last one might have been too much to handle, lets back off a bit and try some light, basic humor…

cat with space ready helmet

I can haz ticket to redish planet now?

 See, that isn’t so bad…

 We can even move into the pun and cliche territory.

cat in bag

Who let the cat in OR out of the bag. Stop it with the cat already.

YAY! You mad it to the end, now share these or Mars will be a faded kitten memory.

cat epiphany meme

Observation Cat