Hilarious Morning Cats

Cat owners are all too well familiar with the morning cat scenario.

Basically, the cat likes to wake up around 4 to 6 am, and run around the house like crazy, scratching at things and making a ruckus at such an early hour.

Following the mad-running episode, the cat will then find Owner, and put their wiskers right up on their grill, at which point Owner wakes up and usually gives the cat food or whatever.

Repeat 3 times weekly.


cat in the morning meme

Fud bowl empties, have a nice day




cat becomes the alarm clock

Alarm Clock Cat Analog




lazy cat meme

Lazy ass cat, git u ass up

In a well-known “Letter to My Cats,” cat-fancier L.R. wrote to her feline companions “….you obviously feel differently, but I assure you that I’m the being who owns you and not vice-versa.” Most cat-owners will relate to this statement. Cats, by nature, act as though their human companion exists solely to serve their needs. Whereas dogs become enthusiastic when their human owner returns, are thrilled to do tricks, come when called and try to ease their masters’ lives, cats act as though they were brought into the home in order to give their owner a chance to serve.. Yet throughout the world, millions of people obviously derive a great deal of pleasure from owning a cat. Cats are preferred by a significant majority of pet owners in almost every country in the world. The question, of course, is why? Maybe has to do with the fact that it’s so relaxing to stroke a purring cat, but there are many other furry, fuzzy creatures who will happily cuddle in your lap for a petting session. Perhaps it has to do with the fact that cats don’t require a lot of care. Yet you can say the same about many breeds of small dogs, birds, rabbits and even reptiles. Probably the most frequently-cited reason that people give for adopting a cat is that cat owners get a tremendous amount of pleasure from observing their funny pets. Cats are silly – you can watch funny cats stalk inanimate objects, pounce at will and interact with other species. It’s a lot of fun to watch a funny cat engage in these types of hilarious antics. You can find cats doing hilarious things in photos and on video clips, in books and on the Internet. There’s nothing as funny as sitting in your armchair and watching as your cat entertains you, and then stalks away to regain its dignity.