Hilarious Cat GIFs

British born Canadian historian and author Charlotte Gray once noted that “after scolding one’s cat, one looks into its face and is seized by the ugly suspicion that it understood every word. And has filed it for reference.” Gray’s comment is one that is probably of no interest to non-cat owners who probably don’t understand it. However, anyone who lives with a cat knows exactly what Gray is talking about. Cats, by nature, seem to believe that they were born to rule. Ancient Egyptians recognized this character trait and worshipped their cats. They even went as far as to bury cats with deceased pharaohs so that the cats would accompany the revered leaders into the afterlife. Today, we don’t view our cats at deities, yet many a cat owner has been heard to ponder whether his cat sees itself as a god. Cats are, by their nature, completely selfish and self-absorbed. They groom themselves incessantly and act as though they expect that their human companions can (and should) drop everything to make their lives as comfortable and worry-free as possible. Non-cat owners are sometimes surprised, however, to find that cats can and do act silly. Throughout the Internet there are hundreds of pictures and videos which depict funny cats doing all kinds of hilarious things. You can find images of a funny cat as it tends to a companion mouse or bird, practices yoga with its human companion, moves its head in time with dancers on TV or even channels its lion relations by pouncing on its owner for a 3:00a.m. wake-up call. Even if you don’t own a kitty you’ll get a kick out of the funny cat videos and pictures that populate social media and animal websites and other online and offline sources.


Watermelon Cat

Summer with a nice breeze



cat cup gif

Cat waiting for milk



cat meme

Cat so cute it is a danger to you. Stay BACK for your own good



napping cat GIF

Summer Cat Nap



invisible big wheel cat meme

Cat Meme of an invisible big wheel



tubby tabby cat

When your Tabby Cat wants in to the tub, it is a TUBBY cat.



hilarious cat falling in tub

Hilarious cat beautifully illustrates how I am when getting into the pool the 1st time.



upper hand cat paw funny GIF

Pure cat logic on how to keep the “upper hand” – keep the paw on top.



caturday mornings

just in time for Caturday NEW PLANS




cat surrender GIF

Cat Guide for surrender in 4 easy steps