Hiding Funny Cats

Cat owners know that all cats like to hide. They are VERY good at it.
Cats are usually also very FUNNY when they hide, and this serves our stated purpose.Have a close look at these funny cat memes, you’ll notice that some of them are very hard to find.

Enjoy these funny cats!

got internet funny cat meme

Cat is needy of internet usage



size 8 tabby cat

Cat shoes



dog gone cat meme

This is a dog gone cat meme



Drawer Cat

Cat in a drawer



hidden black cat meme

Hidden luck has gotta be good luck



Find the Hiding Cat

The funny cat is hiding behind the dishes in the open dishwasher, for all those that didn’t find him.



Funny Cat Accountant FEELZ

Funny cat meme of a kitty under a pile of receipts like how we all feel at the accountant office.



i sink there 4 i am cat meme

Funny cat is hiding in the sink and making lame pun joke.



cat hiding from VET

Funny cat hiding at the VETs office.



funny cat really bad hiding spot

Cat is hiding behind a bag of cat food that has a picture similar to the cats head, so not hiding very well.

Theory as to WHY cats are funny…

As clever as a cat is, it can also be very stupid which is why we think of cats as funny cats. Have you ever seen a cat chasing his tail? It is a very funny sight to behold. The cat doesn’t quite understand why he can’t touch this thing that is attached to the end of his body. The tail is there and it moves but as the cat moves, the tail moves again and gets further away. It is very funny to observe a cat chasing something that he just can’t get a hold of with his paws. Watching a cat chasing his shadow also provides lots of entertainment. The cat keeps following his shadow and doesn’t quite understand why he can’t get hold of the shadow and why it moves when he moves. There are so many cute videos and pictures of cats trying to get hold of something that is either part of their body or just moves with them like a shadow or a sunlight beam that is shining through a window and the cat can’t quite grasp the light. So in fact when saying cats are clever, they are to a certain extent but we can also enjoy their stupidity as they chase their shadows, the ray of light and even their tails endlessly.