Goofy Cats

One element of funny cats is that they certainly tend to also be GOOFY.

These cat memes are of said “Goofy” Variety. They are just goofballs


cat being a bit over dramatic

I think this cat is being a bit too dramatic, tone it down a bit, fella


money cat is funny cat

Cat in the money jar is by the very definition a “money shot”




I think all of these Invisible Cat memes are hilarious



cat worrying about that red dot

Red Dot fears of a cat. LOL!



heart attack funny cat meme

“deep cuts that attacking heart leaves”


Marketing consultants estimate that, throughout the world, cat owners spend billions of dollars every year on their feline pets. There are, we are told, more families with cats as pets than pet dogs or any other type of furry, feathered, or scaled creature. Why is that? In general, one would think, it would be more logical for potential pet owners to try to find a pet that returns r affection and shows some kind of respect, That definitely doesn’t describe cats, of which it is said “Dogs come when they’re called; cats take a message and get back to you later.“ The general impression that most people have of cats is that they behave as though they are superior creatures, rule the home and rarely show affection. Yet cat owners will tell you that that’s only partially true. Cats are loving pets who provide satisfaction and a sense of loving companionship. As the cat memes on social media depict, cats also provide entertainment for anyone who takes the time to observe them in various situations. Some of the most popular pictures and videos show funny cats as they interact with each other, with their owners and even with inanimate objects and other creatures. Have you seen the picture of the funny cat taking an afternoon siesta with a parakeet snuggled under his paw? Or the video of the hilarious cat who adopts a litter of puppies, nurses them and treats them like her own kittens There are photos and clips of funny cats as they gaze into mirrors, steal food, deliberately knock things over and poune on their owners’ for a 3:00a.m. wake-up call. There’s something very satisfying about watching a smart cat in a world that seems to assume that humans are  the only intelligent beings. The popularity of cat pictures and videos suggests that watching funny cats  is a passion which is shared by millions of people around the world.