Funny of Cats

Kitler Cat like Hitler

Kitler Strikes again – Cat that SRSLY looks like Hitler.

endless loop error cat meme

Cat explains how endless loop error works

Cats are highly individualistic kinds of creatures but cat fanciers assure us that they enjoy making friends — with people, with other cats and even with members of other species. It’s hilarious to watch a cat play with his friends. You can find hundreds of pictures and videos on the Internet where cats are shown snuggling with lizards, tortoises and other reptiles, “conversing” with cats and dogs which cross their paths and, most of all, interacting with their beloved human companions. The old show “Kids Do The Darndest Things” captivated audiences in the ‘50s and ‘60s, and in the same way, viewers today will get a kick out of watching funny cats as they unwittingly entertain us as they take control of any situation. Most cat owners are aware of the kind of scenario for which cats are famous – waking their owners up early in the morning by pouncing on them or deliberately knocking items off a shelf to wake them up. And every cat owner has had the “pleasure” of being reprimanded by a disdainful swipe of a cat paw when an annoyed kitty is feeling neglected, over-stimulated or just plain grouchy. So why do people put up with the antics of their obnoxious, snobby cats? If you’ve ever had a funny cat crawl into your lap and sigh, curl up and settle in for a snuggle-session, you wouldn’t be asking the question. In addition to being funny and individualistic, cats are loving pets. They provide a great deal of pleasure and contentment to their human companions. So regardless of whether you prefer purebred, high-society felines, common furballs or even streetwise tabbies you’ll enjoy the pictures and videos of funny cats which populate today’s Internet.


Cat got his tail

Cat gotcha tail?


can opener cat sound

How cat is the second they hear the can opener


cat missionary meme

Missionary Cat