Funny Cats Hair

Friday 13th black cat

Nah, We’ll be fine



cat meme of invisible catch

Invisible CATCH cat meme



cat haz risen

Risen cat keeps rising



weekend cat

Cat needs weekend BADLY



cat reading sports

Sports cat



cat plant

REMINDER Always water your cats in the summer



cat with heart on chin

Cat has heart in the right place



Makeup cat

cat makeup



cat monday hair

monday hair



funny cat helmet meme

Cat with melon helmet

Funny cats memes, funny cat pictures and cartoons are probably one of the best reasons that the internet was invented. Seriously, if I don’t get my daily fix of cute or funny cats then my day is not complete! Yes that is right, if I don’t come across at least one adorable picture of cats on Twitter, facebook or in an email each and every day I begin to get serious withdrawals sessions. The other day I asked myself what it was about these funny cats that attract me and I came up with a number of different theories. Cats, like me are a little aloof and let’s be honest, kind of cold so anytime someone catches them doing something cute or goofy it is really a cause for celebration and if the cat is being cute or affectionate then it is doubly adorable! Silly cats, funny cats and cute cats are probably one of the only things on the internet that most people agree on and enjoy, so let’s keep these cat posts coming and remember even when you think there is simply no way we can find any more original cat material, someone goes and proves that every cat has his own funny moment and is just waiting for his five minutes of internet fame!