Funny Cats Crimes and Escape

As all cat owners know, aside from being “funny”, cats have other qualities to them that are hard to miss.
ONE of those qualities is being an escape artist.
As cats have proven that they are good at getting into tight spots,
it is only natural they be even better at getting out of said tight spots.

On this page you’ll find a whole ‘lotta funny cats as they got snapped in their moments of escape, or related behaviour.



Escaping Funny Cat on the GO

You can do it, FUNNY CAT! You Can Do It!



Escape Artist Cat

Funny Cat GIF of a meowzer escaping from his cage.



Got the wrong cat meme

Funny cat thinks he is innocent.



Funny trapped cat

Cat meme of a cat trapped by tape markings on the group. NO ESCAPE!



Funny cat meme with burner phones

Thug cat is funny cat with burner phones.



sad eyes funny cat meme

Cat wants you to wait for his important stares and meows.



Funny cat responds to the word VET

The opposite happens when you run the can opener, so maybe we’ll try doing both at the same time.


If you have enjoyed these funny cats (and you clearly did or you would not be here at the bottom of the page) then feel free to check out our FUNNY CATS HOMEPAGE regularly for the latest funny cats.