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The Calm Of Cat

cat kissing a fishMany physicians who search for non-pharmaceutical solutions for their patients’ high blood pressure, high sugar levels and irregular heartbeats suggest that their patient acquire a pet. Study after study shows that having a pet can change a person’s physiological situation for the better. Even watching a fish swim in a bowl of water has been proven to be a stress-reducer and, in turn, will benefit the person’s physical and emotional health. Many health professionals feel that the optimal pet is a cat. Cats require less care than dogs, don’t have complicated dietary requirements, can be litter-box trained within hours and are able to live indoors full-time or spend time both outdoors and indoors. Health professionals, however, don’t talk about cats’ characters because, probably more than any other animal, cats are unpredictable. Some cats are loving and friendly while others act
fish cataloof and haughty. However, one advantage of almost any cat, even the snobbiest feline, is that they cats are funny pets. We’re used to thinking of small kittens are bouncy and silly but, if you catch an older cat with its reserve down, it often acts in humorous ways as well. The Internet is full of funny cats as they do all sorts of hilarious things — push dogs into the pool,  take the family parakeet for a ride on its back, stalk a shadow and even steal food at the family picnic. It’s clear that most of the people who believe that cats are unaffectionate don’t actually own a cat — cat owners tend to talk for hours about their funny cat who brings them hours of pleasure and relaxation through its humorous antics. Almost any type of pet is an asset to a household, but cats offer a high level of enjoyment and loving fun.

Fishing cat

Cat caught RED PAWED

Cat with Cow Friends

Cat N Cow are BEST Friends

cat and cow caturday plans

Cat vacation plan for Caturday afternoon.

Darth Kitty

The HELLO is strong with this one.

 cat not in the mooood

Damn MOOOOOOOOOOOOooooood swings

 cat with cow lick

Really milking these jokes for all they are worth