Funniest Cat GIFs

While we post new funny cats GIFs on a regular basis, we’ve noticed that from time to time, one of the cat GIFs will “pop” and get thousands of shares and likes across social media.

Those are EXTRA funny cats, and when that happens, we add that cat GIF to this page.

funny shopping cat gif

Funny Cat illustrating how I am at a store shopping


Funny Cats Escape Plan

This Funny Cat has an escape plan and it is not going nearly as well as he hoped.



Burglar Funny Cat caught RED HANDED

Cat rummaging through drawers and then backs of when realized owner sees. BUSTED!



prince of the jungle




why cats and dogs don't get along

And you thought it was for some other reason?



cat gif meme of funny cat with Iguana

Cat and Iguana GIF MEME



cat shows fiestiness

You’ll be hearing from my lawyer



cat matrix

Dis red pill tasted funnny