Flawless Cat Logic

Funny cats all around the internet

Has your cat lately found interest in your router? Has it been interested in weird objects all around the house? We are all used to find cats over the internet, but when we do it is usually done while we see pictures and video clips of these cats day in and day out. It is less common to find the cat “over the internet” while it is practically touching items that have to do with the web. Now, the cats can find a lot of unexpected objects to entertain themselves with. Cats can usually find the piano, for example, as highly interesting and get closer and closer to it once the owner is simply not looking. The result is often really funny since the cat is quickly jumping over the piano and making a lot of noise. Such noise can surprise the owners and a lot of times the people all around the house run quickly to the cat in order to stop it from making even more noise (which may wake up the neighbours) or simply getting closer in order to take a better look on what’s going on. The cats have a lot of hilarious things they like to do. Sometimes a cat can be found licking a dog puppy, which, according to the laws of nature is surely not a natural thing to do. Yet, a cat is a creature that likes to give love to others around it and if it believes it can help a dog puppy feel more loved and get cleaner along the way (as it probably should, according to the perception of the cat) than why wouldn’t the cat help as much as possible? The cats have a lot of love to give out to the world and it is always wonderful to see such things in action, so take a picture, or simply get closer and see your cat spreading some love to the world.



all your gothams belong to me

Dis gothams R mine now



cmyk rgb cat

RGB Black Cat



cat movie

Movie Cat



cat tank

Armed Cat Carrier




Fear All Cat



enforcer cat meme

The very funny enforcer cat. He so funny.



invisible cat meme

Another hilarious invisible cat meme, this time a champagne cork paints a picture for your.



bullshit cat meme

In other words, smells like BULL SHIT



your logo here funny cat meme

Interwebs marking basics USE A CAT

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