Enjoy your Caturday Weekend

Weekend Caturday Memes + GIF

“Cat’s are connoisseurs of comfort” – or so it has been said.

One thing is for sure, cat’s lead by example when it comes to relaxing and taking it easy.

These cat memes really drive that point home.


Catpuccino coffee beverage

Cat’s appreciate humans ability to grasp the cat’s needs. That is where the appreciation also stops.



weekend cat GIF

Maybe this cat needs one of those Catpuccino drinks



weekend cat meme

Yep, looks like its going to be one of those



weekend cat meme

What is there to regret with such a fun weekend experience such as this?



rainbow catching unicorn meme

You sure cat? I think you’ll just get gold with which to rule your kingdom.


invisible hover bike cat meme

NOTE: The cat’s back paw is a bit off the ground. AIRBORNE CAT!



Halo kitty is not hello kitty meme

Get it? Halo Kitty? like Hello Kitty? Get it?



funny ninja cat meme

Ninja Cat. At your service…



ikea lamp cat meme

Cat wearing a lamp on his head is always funny.



weekend sleeping cat meme

Cat napping thru the weekend. SO JEALOUS!



cat meme gif can't stay awake

Cat fighting the sleep



cat man cat meme