Cats inside things

Cats stuck or other wise INSIDE things.

Cats will be cats.

All cat owners are familiar with cat propensity for getting into tight spots.

These cat’s are just like that, but with a few words thrown in to ad to the humor.

Found these funny cats here


online casino cat stuck in a bag

Who let the cat into the bag?

Now this next one…

The cat’s are not inside anything, per se,

HOWEVER, they do indeed look like the Russian Dolls the Matryoshka dolls

And those go one inside the other, like we are trying to sample of the cats.



cat's in reduced sizes like russian dolls at a shady online casino

Cat’s of diminishing laws.


OK OK, now right back into cats that are INSIDE Things…..

Like a glove cat in hamster wheel

Cat fits right into the hamster wheel


Hope you liked these, here is one of a cat in a kettle…



online casino cat in a kettle

Cat that is for some reason in a shiny kettle