Cats, cats, CATS!

Animated GIFs of cats being cats and doing cat stuff. Funny cat stuff. Enjoy!



cat pulls out bottom piece from Jenga tower

Funny Black Cat with white paws, plays Jenga like a boss




funny wagon driving cat gif meme

How we all were when we first got our license




cat runing in place up the slide

How feels the gym machines



A quick Google search for “funny cats” will give you tens of millions of results. These results take the form of pages such as these, YouTube videos, groups of memes and gifs. I fact if we were to print out all of our search results and pile up the papers on top of each other, we would probably end up with one of the tallest skyscrapers in the world! Cute and funny cats are probably the most popular search item of the internet and if you have seen just a few of these pictures you will understand why. There are endless different poses and situations where these pictures take place and the cats themselves have seemingly endless ideas and inspirations for their latest pose. As the consumers and fans of these cats, we too can just not seem to get enough. I mean what other subject would you be happy to see in your inbox every single day? What other animal is going to cause you to laugh out loud in the same way that you will when you see yet another picture of a cat who has gotten himself tangled in your sheets, or, who is fast asleep over your friends face? Cats are funny, they have perfect timing and pose, can access all the different areas of your home and are equally comfortable perched along the top of the doorpost or curled up tight in your dish rack. You never know what they will do next but you never worry too much as they have 9 lives to enjoy!