Cats Behaving Badly

As any cat owner knows, cats are notorious for getting into trouble. One of the ways to deal with this, is to laugh about. TRUE STORY.

These memes and gifs came from this SOURCE

This first one is not even of a house cat, it is of a wild cat in a jungle setting. Hows that to start it off?

jungle cat GIF

Jungle Cat wants to be friends

 Now it is time to lighten the mood with this box of spare cats that I keep on that back porch next to my bike and a rake I never use.

Box of cats

AKA Crazy Lady Starter Kit

This one is just a very cute picture, because of how the cat is sitting with his manspreading legs.

cat manspreading and eating

The Manspreading Cat

If your cat asks you any question that sounds like this, RUN IT IS A TRAP.

Cat on barbie doll

Body like Barbie, head like cat.

 And let us not forget the cat in a jar joke. (What is the joke exactly?)

cat door joke with cat in jar

I door know what this joke is about?

 Cat Running Like Kangaroo. A Catgaroo

That is all.

cat garoo

Cat that hops away like a Kangaroo