Cat Mazes

Cat Mazes With No Rights Reserved.

While these cat mazes may not be “Funny” cats, they certainly are fun,

and we are a cat website after all – So FUNNY CAT MAZES they are 🙂

Enjoy a plethora of funny cat mazes that you are free to download and print, or use for any of your own purposes.

No Rights Reserved on ANY of these mazes.

Funny fat cat maze

Maze of a Funny Fat Cat – By Yanito Freminoshi



cat convergence maze

Maze of 4 cats converging on a point in the distance


starlight cat maze

Maze of a cat on a fence in the light of the stars.


cat in the warm glow MAZE ART

Yanito Freminoshi maze of a cat enjoying the warm glow of the sun.

Disco Cat Maze

That disco ball gonna get scratched by the cat!



table top cat maze op art

Table Top Cat Maze by Yanito Freminoshi | Maybe Give Cat Some Food | 2015



cat. moon. fence. maze

Cat Fence Moon Maze – Also looks like a keyhole maze, but that is the nature of optical illusions.



cat popping a balloon maze

Maze of a Cat Popping A Balloon



circle box cat maze

Cat getting feisty with a rounded cube shape.



cat maze of ball cube

Ball Cube Cat Maze



cube ball cat maze illusion

Curious Cat looking at Cube Ball



maze of cat looking at cube

Cat cube maze




cat hunt ball maze

Maze of cat chasing and hunting a ball.



cat n ball maze art

Maze of a Cat sneaking up on a ball



cat distracted Maze

Cat staring at QR code



maneki neko maze

Supersonic Maneki Neko Maze



maze of cat in the sunshine

Sunshine Cat Maze



happy cat the maze

Maze of Happy Cat



Yanito Freminoshi sad kitty maze

Sad Kitty Maze



MAze of a flying cat

Flying Cat Maze