Cat Fun Memes

Any cat owner will tell you, ALL CATS ARE FUNNY.

That doesn’t mean the cats are doing it in purpose, it is just how thing ended up being for society and cats.

Here are some fun cat memes of cat’s just doing their things, with a funny comment added to it.

Please do not be offended by anything here, Funny Cats is only meant to joke, not provoke.



kitten mirror meme funny cat

Funny cat wants to bust his reflection outta the mirror.



ermahgerd we harve kitterns

Ermahgerd! it lirk u gort me kirtirns



prison cat meme

Everyone has that one friend



Funny cat offering fluff

Fluff for the masses



picky cat meme

Very. Picky. Cat.



stay cool cat meme

stay cool this summer with cool cat



Funny Cat fails at breaking and entering.

Breaking And Entering FAIL by Funny Cat



cat meme bruce jenner meme funny

Get it, Like Bruce Jenner?



funny cat meme is cheesy

Very cheesy funny cat meme



cat meme in a measuring cup

Funny cat measures



Funny cat gamer meme

Hoomin, u better have some cat food for dis funny cat here!


Funny Cats:

One of the funniest cat videos making the rounds today on social media depicts the way that a mother cat demonstrates, to her kitten, how to walk down the stairs. As the video opens, viewers observe the steps that a mother golden retriever takes as she shows her puppy the art of descending a staircase. It takes this mother dog approximately ten minutes to model the skill of how the puppy can get safely down the stairs. The mother dog walks patiently back and forth, up and down the stairs, as she helps her puppy gain the confidence that he needs to master the art of walking down the stairs. When the puppy starts to walk down, each tentative step is accompanied by the mother’s nuzzling and gentle cooing until finally, the pair arrive at the bottom of the stairs. The video goes on to contrast the process to the actions of a mother cat who also wants her kitten to get downstairs. The kitten, who stand next to its mother at the top of the stairs, shows just as much apprehension as the puppy, but when the mother cat sees that her kitten isn’t moving fast enough, she takes her paw and sends the hapless youngster tumbling down the stairs. Anyone who owns a cat won’t be surprised — cats are funny creatures whose antics keep us in stitches. Some cats are haughty by nature while others are aloof. There are also plenty of loving, friendly cats who thrive on petting and attention. But whatever a cat’s personality, it’s also funny. It’s great fun to watch funny cats as they move through their daily lives, doing all kinds of hilarious things that make us smile. Watching these images of silly cats are useful because, if we weren’t able to look forward to enjoying funny cat antics, we probably wouldn’t pay the same amount of attention to them and lavish the time and affection on them the way that we do.

elevator cat meme

Dis elevator door takes forever to close.



they can haz cake funny cat meme

Dis cake come in tuna flavours perhaps?