Bored Yet Funny Cats

Funny Cats don’t stop when they are tired or bored.

They not only keep on being funny, they actually become even FUNNIER.

This is because the boredom and tension of the situation drives cats to the edge which makes them do even funnier things than they normally do. On this page we have some pretty funny cat scenarios, including randomly chasing things, napping shamelessly and hypnotically watching their owners.

Whatever it is that makes you laugh, that is what the funny cats will do when they are bored.


ready, aim, fire, funny cat gif meme

Funny Cat is locked on, shaking his rear and firing projectile



sleeping funny cat meme

Funny Cats know what you need to do this weekend: SLEEP



badoop funny cats GIF

Funny Cats going all BADOOP, badoop, BADOOP etc



Funny kitty nap gamer cat meme

Funny Gamer Cat Kitty Nap