Bird + Cat = FUNNY!

 Some very funny cats friends with birds

Cats are not known for their friendliness to birds or any other smaller species for that matter, but well domesticated house cats prove the exception, with rare occasions even captured in pixels

take ma picture

I think we all know who this is talking about and what they need to stop doing.




cat pillow bird friends

The cat and the bird friends, sorta




bird cage cat funny

I am sure there is a perfects explanations




cat with chicks, birds that is

Chicks totally dig cats, that is FACT

One of the funniest cat videos making the rounds today depicts the way that a mother cat shows her kitten how to walk down the stairs. As the video begins, viewers observe the steps that a mother dog, a beautiful golden retriever, takes as she demonstrates to her pups the art of descending a staircase. It takes her approximately ten minutes for the mother dog to demonstrate the skill of how to get safely downstairs. Mother dog walks back and forth, up and down the stairs in order to show her waiting puppies what they need to do. When the puppies start to walk down, each of their tentative steps are accompanied by nuzzling and gentle coos until finally, they make their way down the stairs. The video then contrasts the process to a mother cat who also wants her kitten to get downstairs. The kitten, standing next to its mother at the top of the stairs, is just as apprehensive as the puppies, but when the mother cat sees that her kitten isn’t moving forward, she takes her paw and bats the hapless youngster down the stairs. Anyone who owns a cat won’t be surprised at this behaviour — cats can be ruthless but, above all, they’re funny creatures (cats) whose antics keep us in stitches. Some cats are snobby by nature while others are simply aloof. There are loving, friendly cats and plenty of cats who thrive on petting and attention. But whatever the cat’s personality, it’s enjoyable to see the pictures and videos of funny cats as they move through their daily lives, doing the hilarious things that make us smile. It’s a good thing that we have the opportunity to see these images of silly cats because, if we weren’t able to look forward to observing funny cat antics, we probably wouldn’t pay attention to them and lavish the time and affection on them that we do.