Afro Cats

Funny Cats with Afro



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Funny looking cat with an afro like that of Don King


Afro Cat for online casino with no deposit

Funny looking cat with an afro saying “Sup Fool” in street jargon

Cat Memes – Magical Mood Modifiers!

Modern society is weighed down by negativity, notoriety and a numbing response to tragedy.  Wars, killing, deprivation and disease play out on our TV screens, PCs and digital devices on a daily basis.  Gruesome beheadings by ISIL extremists, images of drowned refugees and babies born with the Zika virus can now be viewed in high resolution in the palm of our hands!  Never before has disaster, heartbreak and misfortune been as colorful and commonplace as it is right now.  In fact, the universal mood right across the world is decidedly dark and somber. There’s no sign of an economic revival and jobs are hard to get.  All in all, we’re well into the biblical ‘seven lean years’ of floods, fire, famine, pestilence and greed.  The doom and gloom does however have one silver lining – the soaring popularity of memes of funny cats on the World Wide Web!