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Stretching Funny Cats Maze and Coloring Pages

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maze of a stretching cat

Stretching Cat Maze | Created by The Great Mazeratti | No Rights Reserved | SOLVED HERE


catisthenics excersize cat meowIt’s true, before going out for an evening at the bowling lane you are unlikely to spend time reading articles on the best way to hit a strike – although if you have a background in physics or you are a professional Olympian you probably will have an advantage over your friends. Before going to see a new movie that has just come out in the theatre you may or may not read a review of the movie, chances are that either way it is unlikely to impact your enjoyment of the film.

There are some leisure activities however that may well benefit from you doing some home work beforehand and being in the right frame of mind before beginning. One example that springs to mind is in the case of the online casino for real money.

The online casino real money experience is popular with players all over the world. Some players are regulars at the casino whilst others may only have enjoyed a few gaming sessions online. You may have experience playing a large variety of different casino games or you may have focused just on the slots games, whatever your casino background, it is important to make sure that you prepare yourself for your gaming sessions.

To get yourself in the mood for real money gaming at the online casino, decide on a few relaxing activities that you enjoy and help you stay focused. I love the popular adult coloring pages, these coloring for grownups books are sold in pretty much every bookstore around the country and will really enhance your life.

Another great activity for focusing your mind is mazes. These are not as popular as the coloring for adult’s books, but they are equally enjoyable and probably more intellectually stimulating. Completing a page or two in a maze art book will really put you in a great mood for the day ahead.

scrathing stretching cat song of my peopleAnother good way of relaxing and putting yourself in a positive frame of mind is to laugh. Consider scrolling through some funny cats memes, the internet is full of funny cats antics for some reason cats just never get old!

Make sure you play at the internet to have a great time. The online casino real money is a lot of fun but there is always the possibility that you will lose money when playing. This article is for entertainment purposes only.


cat stretching coloring for grown ups casino artI have been looking for effective ways to relax and de-stress for years. It all began when I was in college and in addition to a very full workload and intense classes I was working every evening to pay my bills. After becoming seriously burnt out and a real bundle of nerves mid-way through my second year, I confided in a friend who immediately suggested I sign up and join her in her yoga class. I was pretty skeptical and slightly dismissive at first, after all it is well known that yoga is a hippy centric pastime and there was no way I was going to be able to sit in the lotus position for minutes at a time just focusing on my breathing. Nonetheless I was pretty desperate by this point and agreed to give it a try. The yoga classes literally changed my life and helped me get through college, I was totally hooked and realized that it was going to be imperative for me to combine relaxation techniques and activities into my busy life.

when you can't rememeber them at firstOnce I left college and made my way out in the professional world, relaxation techniques and meditative hobbies have become even more important and I am always on the lookout for additional ways to help me unwind. In addition to weekly yoga classes, I was one of the very first people to become hooked on the adult coloring pages; there are now tens of different coloring books for adults on sale spanning a wide range of topics. Although I was never  particularly talented in art, the pages are so beautifully drawn that by adding color you are left with a beautiful piece of artwork, coloring for grownups is also very calming due to the repetitive nature of the task. In addition to the coloring for adult’s books, another great way that I have found to relax my mind is to complete maze art. The maze craze, as I like to call it is almost as popular as the coloring for adult books. Maze art is a growing trend and famous artists have produced some exceptional mazes that are equal parts challenging as well as beautiful to look at. Many of the mazes are available for free online.

casino art of the stretching catAnd of course, no discussion of relaxation techniques would be complete without making mention of everybody’s favorite pastime, funny cat memes and YouTube videos of funny cat’s antics!

A great side effect of developing relaxation techniques for myself is that I can use these same activities for relaxing before any stressful activity or any task that requires supreme concentration. So for example, before playing t the online casino real money I will also engage in one or all of my relaxation techniques maybe coloring a page in a coloring book or flipping through the latest funny cat memes sent to me by a friend.

Just remember, playing at the online casino real money is a lot of fun but there is no guarantee that you are going to win any payouts, in fact, you may well lose some real money.


stretching cat maze and coloringBefore I decided to sign up at the online casino I received a number of online casino recommendations from friends. All of the casinos that they recommended were ones that offered a nice selection of games as well as some very generous bonuses. It really pays to check out a selection of online casino real money reviews as the welcome bonuses alone can vary hugely between casinos. Some of the online casinos offer welcome packages that reach well into the millions of dollars.

Due to the fact that I was a casino novice and have very little knowledge and gaming experience I also read up as much as possible on the different casino games available at the online casino. The slots games are pretty straightforward to play but the card and dice games require an element of skill and you must also understand the rules of the game before you can begin to play.

Originally, I thought that once I have signed up at the casino and understood the rules of the various real money games I am interested in playing – I would be set. Once I started reading up about the online casino real money I realized that this may not be enough. As with many other activities in life you also need to be in the right frame of mind before playing at the online casino. From my extensive reading I have come to the conclusion that to be ready means a combination of being in a relaxed state of mind and mentally sharp and focused.

when tummy rubs go wrong online casino funny catsThis state of mind is similar to the kind of focus that you need before taking on any complex or even stressful experience. I received a lot of great information as to the kinds of activities that would help me achieve this mindset and I chose the three activities that most appeal to me.

The first activity is coloring for adults. By now I am sure that anyone who has stepped into a gift store, a book store or made purchases online is familiar with the adult coloring pages and books. Coloring for grownups is so popular that the very first published coloring books flew off the shelves within days and have since been reprinted numerous times. Adults are drawn to these books because of the beautiful, detailed drawings as well as the meditative and relaxing activity of coloring in the lines.

piggy market kidnapping catAnother activity that I decided would be beneficial for getting me in the right mood for playing at the online casino is completing a maze or a number of maze arts before my gaming session. Completing a maze is not as meditative and relaxing as coloring pages but it is probably better at whipping my brain into shape for some of the more challenging casino games.

And, finally, as always nothing gets me in a better mood than laughing my head off at some goofy and funny cats and there are no end of perfect cat memes online to get me in that happy state of mind.

All in all, getting yourself ready for a session at online casino real money is more than just opening an account and depositing funds, for best results it is a good idea to also be in a great mood to play. Obviously you can lose money when playing at the online casino; this article is purely for entertainment purposes.

Stretching Cat Maze’s Solution

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