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Cats over Troubled Waters

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Cats can be snobs when it comes to many things.

Bathing is no exception

These memes are dedicated to the stubbornness that cats persistently display regarding the topic of bathing.


Shampoo Cat

Cats are picky, shampoo is no exception




cat boss

Boss Cat




beat the heat cat

Cat shows you how to beat the heat this summer


Funny cats send a message in a bottleā€¦ or in a tube

The cats can be so incredible when they choose to do unexpected things, we can simply not prevent ourselves from laughing intensely. The cats have such a large variety of actions they enjoy doing, and we enjoy looking at, it is simply a sin not to let them only do what they love to do. The cats are highly unique on that matter, nonetheless, since the things they do that make us laugh are so much different than the regular actions human beings would take in order to make their human friends start to laugh. A cat recently making its owners to laugh hard, for example, has decided to get into a tube and simply stick there. The tube covered the cat’s whole body, and only the face (from the one side) and the tail (from the other side) were sticking out. The cat was simply lying like that for quite a long time, on the cold floor, until the owners of the cat found in and simply started laughing hard. The owners were unable to stop themselves and soon they brought everyone they knew home in order to exhibit them to the nice phenomena. A lot of people were highly interested to see this cat, and they brought their own neighbours and family members to the house. You would surely not easily find a human being trying to cover itself in a tube, and many people getting so excited about it, but as soon as a cat decided to be “tubed”, the people who saw and heard about it were surely very interested by the incident. One of the great lessons that can be learned from this whole story is that joy is spreadable. If something makes you feel good and laugh, such as your funny cat, let it spread and invite other people to enjoy with you!

Heart of Cats

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Some cats have real heart.

Some cats have an actual heart shape on their fur.

Few cats have both, these funny cat memes are mainly about the latter.

my fur is hearted cat meme

Cat feelings can easily be hearted.

cat heart something under the couch

Cat imagination and heart

cat meme grass is greener on the other side

The Grass ALWAYS SEEMS greener on the other side, but that don’t mean nothin’.

Flippin’ Funny Cats

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While cats are pretty funny when they are running all around the house, or even while napping in the corner,

Where they are really funny is when they fall off things. These memes are dedicated to such hilariousness

It is only funny because cats typically land on their feet without hurting themselves, and scamper away in a panic.


falling cat hanging

Cat pic of some good kitty hang time…



Cannonball the cat

Cannonball cat having some fun.




tuna cat to the rescue meme

Tuna Cat To the RESCUE!!