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Roaring Cat GIFs

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The lions ROAR and the kitten’s meow are probably the most familiar sounds of Big Cats and Small Cats. Maybe a few people out there know the growl of a tiger, or that gargling of a cougar, but for the most part, people have heard kitty-cats meow and at some point or another folks have seen an MGM film which has that lion roaring in the beginning.

These hilarious cat GIFs are of various kitties ROARing or Meowing or some combination of the two. Got these funny cat GIFs here


Kitty ROAR

I can haz my own kingdom now?




Roarring Kitties

Please oh please may i has some Tooona?




kitty meow imagination

That meow you are hearing is in your head, this GIF has no sound


square pants cat memeattack mode hypnotized kitty

roar and meow is mixed

Roar and Meow Mixed


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mobile casino cat phone

When the cat gets like this, might be time to hold back the treats.



cat with melon on head

I gawt my helmet on and ready for ya




cat vs cat in water meme

Kitty in the Dry, Tiger in the Wet




cat regret meme

Regretz, i haz few




underwater cat meme

i iz underwaters




cat waiting for call on mobile-casino ready style phone

Single Cats




cat phone fever

How may i directz ya call?




monopoly cat

Monopoly cat has a deal for you



business cat

Business cat at right place, right time.



cat mic

Drop a beat, yo



cat laptop meme

Laptops cat meme


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Cat Mechanics

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To say it mildly, you would not feel too confident if you went to have your car fixed by a cat.

Having said that, there is strong hilarious jokes that can come out of it.

Enjoy these mechanical cat memes.

cat raccoon

perhaps try again?




exhausted cat

It is funny because it is an exhaust pipe with a cat in it.



Lift with your legs, not your back

And 1, and 2, and 3 – oh wait.

Cats Like Us

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Spy Cats


no war just peace cat

Flower Cat



spy cat kitten impossible

I can has self destruct dog?



cat missing

Cat standing next to his own missing flyer



007 cat

Protecting Prrrrrotecting, PRRRRRRRR, prrrrrrr




can opener cat meme

How cat behaves when can opener sound is made





cat running when hear can opener

I iz in ur fields, listening to ur can openers



revenge cat

Cat plots the dish, best served hot.