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Cat Pics Loading…

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Funny cats and cat memes easily make us feel so much better every time we look at them. It’s only natural we would play online slots and solve mazes so we would enjoy doing something right along side them.
                                              -Crazy Old Cat Lady



i am ur supreme ladder

Supreme Ladder Cat is our SUPREME LEADER



funny cat in a blanket

E.T. looking cat with very funny Star Wars movie reference.



can opener cat meme

Also, a baby needs my help, but that can opener is more interesting



funny cat home alone

Cat’s away the mice will play?



weekend funny cat meme

That weekend will sneak up on you if you are not careful



Funny Cat Lawyer

Better Call Cat Lawyer


computer cat meme browser history joke

Cat is not impressed with your browser history



cat tech support

Tech Support Funny Cat Meme



cat snuggle meme

Snuggle Kittens



cat computer meme

cat sitting on keyboard watching it’s effect on the screen

Why Cats Funny?

When you do an internet search for “funny cats” you might be surprised to find pages and pages of photos, cat memes and videos of cats doing the funniest things. Have you ever seen a cat nurse baby raccoons? Jump up on all fours at the approach of something unexpected? Swim? If you enjoy watching funny cats do silly things you’re not alone – Internet experts estimate that, of all the popular images of cute and funny creatures that populate the web, videos of cats are the most popular. You’ll find home and professional photos and videos of cats doing the strangest things. Have you ever seen the two-legged cat who zips around on her scooter? Or the gambling cat who bats at the screen from his perch on his owner’s couch while online slots play on the PC or mobile screen? Cats like other types of games as well – in addition to slots, cats can be found keeping their owners company while the owner solves mazes or a crossword puzzle or plays other types of video games on his console. One of the funniest and most popular clips of funny cats involved a hissing female cat who stares down her mate as the video creator adds imagined subtitles – “you 2-timing, good-for-nothing creep! You’re catting around with that Siamese floozy while the kittens and I are home waiting for you….” The male, it must be noted, looks properly chastised. Some of the top videos of funny cat antics are amateur home movies which feature a family’s own feline pet acting in a silly manner. The video-grapher must be quick to catch his cat stealing food from the dog’s dish while the dog watches mournfully, pounces on the mailman as he comes around the bend on his rounds and bats at the human companion’s head for a 3:00a.m. wake-up call while the owner tries to get a few last winks in before sunrise. Some of these funny cat videos have been put to music with backgrounds that include classical, operatic and rap tunes that highlight the hilarious cat antics. Worldwide, cats have a reputation for knowing how to get their own way and the videos show why….cats seem to have an inborn sense of how they can manipulate the humans in their lives by going just so far but not too far, as they aim for their goal of building a world that provides them with all the comfort that’s due to a royal creature.