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Funny Cat Funny Cow

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The Calm Of Cat

cat kissing a fishMany physicians who search for non-pharmaceutical solutions for their patients’ high blood pressure, high sugar levels and irregular heartbeats suggest that their patient acquire a pet. Study after study shows that having a pet can change a person’s physiological situation for the better. Even watching a fish swim in a bowl of water has been proven to be a stress-reducer and, in turn, will benefit the person’s physical and emotional health. Many health professionals feel that the optimal pet is a cat. Cats require less care than dogs, don’t have complicated dietary requirements, can be litter-box trained within hours and are able to live indoors full-time or spend time both outdoors and indoors. Health professionals, however, don’t talk about cats’ characters because, probably more than any other animal, cats are unpredictable. Some cats are loving and friendly while others act
fish cataloof and haughty. However, one advantage of almost any cat, even the snobbiest feline, is that they cats are funny pets. We’re used to thinking of small kittens are bouncy and silly but, if you catch an older cat with its reserve down, it often acts in humorous ways as well. The Internet is full of funny cats as they do all sorts of hilarious things — push dogs into the pool,  take the family parakeet for a ride on its back, stalk a shadow and even steal food at the family picnic. It’s clear that most of the people who believe that cats are unaffectionate don’t actually own a cat — cat owners tend to talk for hours about their funny cat who brings them hours of pleasure and relaxation through its humorous antics. Almost any type of pet is an asset to a household, but cats offer a high level of enjoyment and loving fun.

Fishing cat

Cat caught RED PAWED

Cat with Cow Friends

Cat N Cow are BEST Friends

cat and cow caturday plans

Cat vacation plan for Caturday afternoon.

Darth Kitty

The HELLO is strong with this one.

 cat not in the mooood

Damn MOOOOOOOOOOOOooooood swings

 cat with cow lick

Really milking these jokes for all they are worth

Cat Train

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cat monorail

Cat shows how a monorail looks like



funny cat train conducter

Captain Cat Train Conductor



cat in the mirrors

Cat reflections



cat on a train

A well trained cat

Your cat will thank you tomorrow for showing it even more love today than you usually do. And you already show it quite a bit of love. Why will you show it even more tomorrow? Well, because you’ll be looking at cat memes pictures here and then you’ll realize that you miss being with your own cat and you’ll seek it out to have some time with it. You can even cuddle with the funny cat that you have while you look at pictures of other funny cats. This is a great way to put various things together in your life that you enjoy. The funny cat pictures will make you laugh out loud and have a great time looking at them and at the captions that people have thought up to go with the cats. And then you’ll have fun cuddling up to your purring cat and enjoying everything that your cat offers to you. You may even find your own cat in some of these funny poses and you may wonder what he is thinking at times. You won’t necessarily be able to know (since they don’t talk) but you will certainly have a fun time looking at the comparisons between the cats in the pictures and the cats in your life.

Funny Cats Hair

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Friday 13th black cat

Nah, We’ll be fine



cat meme of invisible catch

Invisible CATCH cat meme



cat haz risen

Risen cat keeps rising



weekend cat

Cat needs weekend BADLY



cat reading sports

Sports cat



cat plant

REMINDER Always water your cats in the summer



cat with heart on chin

Cat has heart in the right place



Makeup cat

cat makeup



cat monday hair

monday hair



funny cat helmet meme

Cat with melon helmet

Funny cats memes, funny cat pictures and cartoons are probably one of the best reasons that the internet was invented. Seriously, if I don’t get my daily fix of cute or funny cats then my day is not complete! Yes that is right, if I don’t come across at least one adorable picture of cats on Twitter, facebook or in an email each and every day I begin to get serious withdrawals sessions. The other day I asked myself what it was about these funny cats that attract me and I came up with a number of different theories. Cats, like me are a little aloof and let’s be honest, kind of cold so anytime someone catches them doing something cute or goofy it is really a cause for celebration and if the cat is being cute or affectionate then it is doubly adorable! Silly cats, funny cats and cute cats are probably one of the only things on the internet that most people agree on and enjoy, so let’s keep these cat posts coming and remember even when you think there is simply no way we can find any more original cat material, someone goes and proves that every cat has his own funny moment and is just waiting for his five minutes of internet fame!

Captain Funny Cats

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Cat asks for Candy Crush Games

Candy Cat Saga



cat surrender meme

Cat has surrendered without incident



cat prank orders pizza to vet

Also, called up the dog and meowed like 2 minutes.



smile when hoomin is camera crazy - funny cats

Cat helping out the lion. AWWWWWEEE



Funny cat with smart phone

I can haz smartphones?

Do an internet search for “funny cats” and you’ll find pages and pages of photos and videos of cats doing the darndest things. Have you ever seen a cat swim? Nurse puppies? Jump up at the approach of something unexpected? If you enjoy watching hilarious cats you’re not alone – Internet experts estimate that, of all the images of cute and funny creatures, cat videos are the most popular. To find videos of silly cats you just have to put “funny cats” in the search bar of any search engine and click “Search.” You’ll find home and professional photos and videos of cats doing everything imaginable. Have you seen the two-legged cat zipping around on her scooter? Or the loving mamma cat nursing her kittens along with some orphaned raccoons? Maybe you prefer the hissing female cat who is staring down her mate as the video creator puts words into her mouth – “you two-timing, good-for-nothing jerk! You’re catting around while the kittens and I are home waiting for you….” Some of the best videos of funny cats are the home movies that feature the family’s own feline pet. Quick-thinking video-graphers have caught their cats stealing food from the family dog, pouncing on the mailman as he comes around the bend and batting at their human companion’s head while the owner tries to get a few last winks in before morning. Some of these funny cat videos have been put to music, including classical, operatic and rap tunes, that highlight the cats’ antics. Cats are known for getting their own way and the great videos show why….cats have an inborn sense of how to manipulate the humans in their lives, going far but not too far, in their goal of building a world that provides them with all of the luxuries of royalty.