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Math Cats

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Good Will Cat

Genius Cat Solved Catfood Math Problems




cat dog math

Cat Math Works, especially when it is for getting rid of the dog.





I iz super maths




cat math face

My math face is even worse




Math Cat just yawning

Looks excited, but just yawning cause so BORING

Funny Cats So True

Whoever says that cats are docile creatures are completely wrong. The cat is a clever and crafty animal and also a very cute one with it. A cat when left alone can get into all sorts of trouble. The traditional picture of a cat unravelling a ball of wool is long gone and people are much more familiar with mischievous pictures of cats whether they are getting up to naughty things like jumping on tables and eating the dinner that was left out or they are jumping in the sink with all the plates and covered in soap suds looking super cute and rather guilty at the same time. The endless antics of a cat provide nonstop entertainment for everyone even people who don’t like cats find them hilarious. Those people can just turn around and say well that is why I don’t have a cat and the cat lovers can look at the cat in the sink covered in bubbles and say see how cute he is and how much fun he is to have in the house. Well everyone thinks that until he climbs out from under his bubbles and makes a soapy mess all over the floor and causes everyone who passes by to slip but that’s all part of the fun in having a cat to look after, love and pet, right?

Moving Cats

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cat moving meme

When it’s time to move, cats will know ahead of time

cat with care

Handelz dis wit LOTS of care pleez

Cats are on the whole very intelligent creatures or so it is believed. My cat may be intelligent but there is definitely an element of stupidity to him together with laziness. The other day I found him just sitting in an upright shoe box looking at the back of the shoe box. It took me a long time to figure out why he was doing that, his fluffy ginger body just sitting there waiting for something to happen. And then I realized, the lazy feline had wondered into the shoe box thinking it was an elevator and was waiting for the box to move. Yes he even was pawing the side from time to time, just like we humans do, making sure the doors close and the elevator starts moving. But the cat with all his intelligence or lack of it did not realize that he was in a shoe box and not a special cat elevator. That shoe box was not going anywhere and he could wait there for as long as he wanted or until he got too hungry to wait anymore and just decided to find another way up! Don’t you just love cats and their idiosyncrasies!


cat hair moving

And that is why there is always cat hair all over the place

very funny cat traveller

cat is suspicious of your packings

meme about cat food packing

Cat Food Packing

Bird + Cat = FUNNY!

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 Some very funny cats friends with birds

Cats are not known for their friendliness to birds or any other smaller species for that matter, but well domesticated house cats prove the exception, with rare occasions even captured in pixels

take ma picture

I think we all know who this is talking about and what they need to stop doing.




cat pillow bird friends

The cat and the bird friends, sorta




bird cage cat funny

I am sure there is a perfects explanations




cat with chicks, birds that is

Chicks totally dig cats, that is FACT

One of the funniest cat videos making the rounds today depicts the way that a mother cat shows her kitten how to walk down the stairs. As the video begins, viewers observe the steps that a mother dog, a beautiful golden retriever, takes as she demonstrates to her pups the art of descending a staircase. It takes her approximately ten minutes for the mother dog to demonstrate the skill of how to get safely downstairs. Mother dog walks back and forth, up and down the stairs in order to show her waiting puppies what they need to do. When the puppies start to walk down, each of their tentative steps are accompanied by nuzzling and gentle coos until finally, they make their way down the stairs. The video then contrasts the process to a mother cat who also wants her kitten to get downstairs. The kitten, standing next to its mother at the top of the stairs, is just as apprehensive as the puppies, but when the mother cat sees that her kitten isn’t moving forward, she takes her paw and bats the hapless youngster down the stairs. Anyone who owns a cat won’t be surprised at this behaviour — cats can be ruthless but, above all, they’re funny creatures (cats) whose antics keep us in stitches. Some cats are snobby by nature while others are simply aloof. There are loving, friendly cats and plenty of cats who thrive on petting and attention. But whatever the cat’s personality, it’s enjoyable to see the pictures and videos of funny cats as they move through their daily lives, doing the hilarious things that make us smile. It’s a good thing that we have the opportunity to see these images of silly cats because, if we weren’t able to look forward to observing funny cat antics, we probably wouldn’t pay attention to them and lavish the time and affection on them that we do.

Zen Fun Cats

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Funny Cat Memes of Zen and Meow

HR Carrot Cat Zen

We repeat, there is NO Carroll in HR!





i can haz one with all the stuff and everything on it

Buddha Cat



fruity raw food diet cat meme

Raw food diet is fruity even without the fruit.




lion cat

lesser than proud moments




Meme of wise cat

Wise Cat Meme


In her famous “Letter to My Cats,” cat-fancier L.R. wrote to her beloved tabbies “….you obviously feel differently, but I assure you that I’m the being who owns you and not vice-versa.”  Most cat-owners can relate to this statement since cats, by nature, act as though their human companion exists solely for the purpose of serving their needs. Whereas dogs are thrilled to do tricks, come when called and ease their masters’ lives, cats seem certain that they were brought into the house to give their owners a chance to serve.. Yet millions of people around the world obviously derive a great deal of pleasure from owning a cat because cats are the preferred pet, by a significant percentage, in almost every country in the world. The question is, then, why? Maybe it’s because it’s so relaxing to stroke a purring cat, but there are many other furry animals who will happily snuggle in your lap for a petting session. Perhaps it’s because cats don’t require a lot of care. Yet the same can be said of many breeds of small dogs, rabbits, birds and even reptiles. Probably the most frequently-cited reason for adopting a cat involves the pleasure that cat owners get from observing their funny pets. Cats act in silly ways – they stalk inanimate objects, pounce on living creatures and inanimate objects at will and interact in hilarious ways with other species. It’s a lot of fun to watch a funny cat as it engages in silly antics. There are funny cats in photos and on video clips as well as in books and around the internet. Yet there’s nothing like sitting in your armchair and watching your own, live cat, entertain you, and then stalk away when it wants to regain its dignity.