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Hilarious Morning Cats

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Cat owners are all too well familiar with the morning cat scenario.

Basically, the cat likes to wake up around 4 to 6 am, and run around the house like crazy, scratching at things and making a ruckus at such an early hour.

Following the mad-running episode, the cat will then find Owner, and put their wiskers right up on their grill, at which point Owner wakes up and usually gives the cat food or whatever.

Repeat 3 times weekly.


cat in the morning meme

Fud bowl empties, have a nice day




cat becomes the alarm clock

Alarm Clock Cat Analog




lazy cat meme

Lazy ass cat, git u ass up

In a well-known “Letter to My Cats,” cat-fancier L.R. wrote to her feline companions “….you obviously feel differently, but I assure you that I’m the being who owns you and not vice-versa.” Most cat-owners will relate to this statement. Cats, by nature, act as though their human companion exists solely to serve their needs. Whereas dogs become enthusiastic when their human owner returns, are thrilled to do tricks, come when called and try to ease their masters’ lives, cats act as though they were brought into the home in order to give their owner a chance to serve.. Yet throughout the world, millions of people obviously derive a great deal of pleasure from owning a cat. Cats are preferred by a significant majority of pet owners in almost every country in the world. The question, of course, is why? Maybe has to do with the fact that it’s so relaxing to stroke a purring cat, but there are many other furry, fuzzy creatures who will happily cuddle in your lap for a petting session. Perhaps it has to do with the fact that cats don’t require a lot of care. Yet you can say the same about many breeds of small dogs, birds, rabbits and even reptiles. Probably the most frequently-cited reason that people give for adopting a cat is that cat owners get a tremendous amount of pleasure from observing their funny pets. Cats are silly – you can watch funny cats stalk inanimate objects, pounce at will and interact with other species. It’s a lot of fun to watch a funny cat engage in these types of hilarious antics. You can find cats doing hilarious things in photos and on video clips, in books and on the Internet. There’s nothing as funny as sitting in your armchair and watching as your cat entertains you, and then stalks away to regain its dignity.

Cats, cats, CATS!

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Animated GIFs of cats being cats and doing cat stuff. Funny cat stuff. Enjoy!



cat pulls out bottom piece from Jenga tower

Funny Black Cat with white paws, plays Jenga like a boss




funny wagon driving cat gif meme

How we all were when we first got our license




cat runing in place up the slide

How feels the gym machines



A quick Google search for “funny cats” will give you tens of millions of results. These results take the form of pages such as these, YouTube videos, groups of memes and gifs. I fact if we were to print out all of our search results and pile up the papers on top of each other, we would probably end up with one of the tallest skyscrapers in the world! Cute and funny cats are probably the most popular search item of the internet and if you have seen just a few of these pictures you will understand why. There are endless different poses and situations where these pictures take place and the cats themselves have seemingly endless ideas and inspirations for their latest pose. As the consumers and fans of these cats, we too can just not seem to get enough. I mean what other subject would you be happy to see in your inbox every single day? What other animal is going to cause you to laugh out loud in the same way that you will when you see yet another picture of a cat who has gotten himself tangled in your sheets, or, who is fast asleep over your friends face? Cats are funny, they have perfect timing and pose, can access all the different areas of your home and are equally comfortable perched along the top of the doorpost or curled up tight in your dish rack. You never know what they will do next but you never worry too much as they have 9 lives to enjoy!

Lucky Cats

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Cats are known for their ability to harness pure luck out of the fabric of the universe.
This strange capacity allows the cats to gain favour in the eyes of humans, who also find them hilarious.

Perhaps this is why humans and cats get along so well.

cat dreams of revenge

Cat contemplates his revenge in dramatic silhouette.

good cat bowling

Ladies & Genltcats, CAT BOWLING GIF!



serious party cat

No Ocifer, I haz no been drunking at all



Cat with Chick

Funny cat has a chick all over him and reacts like true player



brave batman cat

Cat looks like Batman, is not nearly as brave



ballerina cyborg the cat

Dis roomba makes me Cyborgs?




funny cats playing cards

Dead-pan cat meme of cats playing cards in a very orderly fashion




very funny cat chases tail GIF

The great cat N’ tail chase of 2015




funny cat with monkey

Cat has monkey preening his back




lights out cat GIF

Cat prefers the lights out




cat gambling problems

Cat Gambling

Much like little kids, cats have the ability to look cute even when are causing trouble. It is also true that a loving look or hug from your cat means that you just cannot be angry at them for very long. The amazing thing about these funny cats photos is that on the whole these images have not been altered or photo shopped in any way. It really is true that cats are funny creatures and will try and squeeze themselves into spaces that are really not meant for them. They also have a wonderful ability to jump and climb, even though they do sometimes get stuck and then need help getting down. As well as being perfectly hilarious, cats can also be spiteful and mean and can be gently purring against your leg before pouncing on you and scratching your hand. Cats are the coolest animals on the internet and if more space was dedicated to many awesome cat pictures there would probably be a whole lot more laughter going on in the world. If you are ever feeling down or lonely and you are not the lucky owner of a cat, just make your way to one of the wonderful cat sites and laugh your head off. This is guaranteed to change your mood and get you ready to face the world again.

Silly Cats Be Funny?

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Some pretty silly cats being damn funny


we needz like 5 moar minutes

Cat asks for like another 5 minutes and then he is UP




Cat drinking from water fountain

Cat drinking out of a wishing fountain.




meme of black cat

Black Cat Meme




the feels of public water fountain experience

I drinks it all up faster dis way




Matrix cat jokes LOL

Funny cat matrix jokes



cat water meme

Be careful not to get addicted to water.



black cat hiding meme

moves along hoooomin, u saw nothing



invisible at meme swimming pool

The invisible swimming pool cat meme



meme of melting black cat

Black Cat Melting Meme



cat invisible meme

Invisible Cat Samurai Sword CHARGE




cat in a hoodie hood

Hood Cat

Socks, funny cats, and unexpected occurrences!

Funny cats can be found in so many weird and unexpected events during our lives. You can never know when, where and how you will find your cat doing the next unexpected thing. Some people have decided to capture the best and most hilarious moments they saw when their cats decided to do some really weird things. The result? A wonderful collection of many pictures, videos and memories of cats being watched all over the world. So, the first thing that was perceived in the eye of the (laughing) camera, was a cat sticking itself into a sock and looking so goddamn sweet. The little cat was observed while meowing nicely, looking for some attention from the people around it. The people, of course, found this cat as highly hilarious and couldn’t prevent themselves from giving it all the attention it was looking for. Another wonderful example was of a cat looking at the mirror and trying to scare its own reflection. The cat of standing there, looking at its reflection closely and even a little bit angrily, while meowing loudly and continuously. The cat was sometimes even getting closer and closer to the mirror with the intention of getting the reflection away. Once more, the people who saw this incident decided to keep a few memories to themselves and quickly brought the camera. The “memories” were uploaded to the social networks where the people’s friends commented and shared the “findings”. A lot of people enjoy entertaining themselves with some wonderful moments of funny cats committing some weird actions. Different cats may be entertained by committing totally different sort of actions, but one thing is surely common to all cats worldwide – all the cats you will ever get to see have an unlimited potential to make you laugh whole heartily every time they just want and it is your responsibility to keep your eyes open in order to be ready for the next time such a thing will happen!