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Funny of Cats

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Kitler Cat like Hitler

Kitler Strikes again – Cat that SRSLY looks like Hitler.

endless loop error cat meme

Cat explains how endless loop error works

Cats are highly individualistic kinds of creatures but cat fanciers assure us that they enjoy making friends — with people, with other cats and even with members of other species. It’s hilarious to watch a cat play with his friends. You can find hundreds of pictures and videos on the Internet where cats are shown snuggling with lizards, tortoises and other reptiles, “conversing” with cats and dogs which cross their paths and, most of all, interacting with their beloved human companions. The old show “Kids Do The Darndest Things” captivated audiences in the ‘50s and ‘60s, and in the same way, viewers today will get a kick out of watching funny cats as they unwittingly entertain us as they take control of any situation. Most cat owners are aware of the kind of scenario for which cats are famous – waking their owners up early in the morning by pouncing on them or deliberately knocking items off a shelf to wake them up. And every cat owner has had the “pleasure” of being reprimanded by a disdainful swipe of a cat paw when an annoyed kitty is feeling neglected, over-stimulated or just plain grouchy. So why do people put up with the antics of their obnoxious, snobby cats? If you’ve ever had a funny cat crawl into your lap and sigh, curl up and settle in for a snuggle-session, you wouldn’t be asking the question. In addition to being funny and individualistic, cats are loving pets. They provide a great deal of pleasure and contentment to their human companions. So regardless of whether you prefer purebred, high-society felines, common furballs or even streetwise tabbies you’ll enjoy the pictures and videos of funny cats which populate today’s Internet.


Cat got his tail

Cat gotcha tail?


can opener cat sound

How cat is the second they hear the can opener


cat missionary meme

Missionary Cat

We R Funny Cats

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Cat in a jar

Jar Cat – Funny Cat Meme



cowboy cat meme

Cat is NOT all hat and all cattle, he is just partially hat and no cattle



cats lining up for food meme

Funny cat line for tuna



gangsta cat meme

u hookin up dis cat or what up?

Just like there are many different types of cats, dark cats, light cats, short haired cats, long haired cats, silly cats, funny cats and serious cats, there are also many different types of online slots. There are slots with modern themes, slots with fantasy themes, slots with sports themes, slots that focus on historical legends and slots that deal with outer space. All of these types of slots games can be found at the online casino and apart from the progressive slots, the player is welcome to try out these games for fun and practice before placing real money bets. Being able to try out the game and get to know how it works helps the player to be calm when he starts playing for real money. But there are also other ways to be calm when playing online slots and in fact playing with a cat or number of funny cats before playing online slots is a great way to prepare for a game of slots. The cats are calm and cute, even when they are naughty and funny. The cats are also intelligent creatures and they are very good at keeping a player calm and without him realizing it they help to lower the blood pressure of the player and keep his serotonin levels up. The higher the serotonin levels the better a player feels about him and is able to make quick and efficient decisions. Playing slots does not require a lot of decision making but solving a maze prior to playing slots does and this is also good groundwork for the slots game. The brain exercise that is used when solving a maze helps to open up dormant brain cells that otherwise may not have been used. These brain cells are put into action with the mazes and keep being active when playing slots, helping the player to make the right decisions on how to place bets, when to place bets and even which bonus icons to choose if lucky enough to land one of the bonus rounds.

Hilarious Cat GIFs

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British born Canadian historian and author Charlotte Gray once noted that “after scolding one’s cat, one looks into its face and is seized by the ugly suspicion that it understood every word. And has filed it for reference.” Gray’s comment is one that is probably of no interest to non-cat owners who probably don’t understand it. However, anyone who lives with a cat knows exactly what Gray is talking about. Cats, by nature, seem to believe that they were born to rule. Ancient Egyptians recognized this character trait and worshipped their cats. They even went as far as to bury cats with deceased pharaohs so that the cats would accompany the revered leaders into the afterlife. Today, we don’t view our cats at deities, yet many a cat owner has been heard to ponder whether his cat sees itself as a god. Cats are, by their nature, completely selfish and self-absorbed. They groom themselves incessantly and act as though they expect that their human companions can (and should) drop everything to make their lives as comfortable and worry-free as possible. Non-cat owners are sometimes surprised, however, to find that cats can and do act silly. Throughout the Internet there are hundreds of pictures and videos which depict funny cats doing all kinds of hilarious things. You can find images of a funny cat as it tends to a companion mouse or bird, practices yoga with its human companion, moves its head in time with dancers on TV or even channels its lion relations by pouncing on its owner for a 3:00a.m. wake-up call. Even if you don’t own a kitty you’ll get a kick out of the funny cat videos and pictures that populate social media and animal websites and other online and offline sources.


Watermelon Cat

Summer with a nice breeze



cat cup gif

Cat waiting for milk



cat meme

Cat so cute it is a danger to you. Stay BACK for your own good



napping cat GIF

Summer Cat Nap



invisible big wheel cat meme

Cat Meme of an invisible big wheel



tubby tabby cat

When your Tabby Cat wants in to the tub, it is a TUBBY cat.



hilarious cat falling in tub

Hilarious cat beautifully illustrates how I am when getting into the pool the 1st time.



upper hand cat paw funny GIF

Pure cat logic on how to keep the “upper hand” – keep the paw on top.



caturday mornings

just in time for Caturday NEW PLANS




cat surrender GIF

Cat Guide for surrender in 4 easy steps

Goofy Cats

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One element of funny cats is that they certainly tend to also be GOOFY.

These cat memes are of said “Goofy” Variety. They are just goofballs


cat being a bit over dramatic

I think this cat is being a bit too dramatic, tone it down a bit, fella


money cat is funny cat

Cat in the money jar is by the very definition a “money shot”




I think all of these Invisible Cat memes are hilarious



cat worrying about that red dot

Red Dot fears of a cat. LOL!



heart attack funny cat meme

“deep cuts that attacking heart leaves”


Marketing consultants estimate that, throughout the world, cat owners spend billions of dollars every year on their feline pets. There are, we are told, more families with cats as pets than pet dogs or any other type of furry, feathered, or scaled creature. Why is that? In general, one would think, it would be more logical for potential pet owners to try to find a pet that returns r affection and shows some kind of respect, That definitely doesn’t describe cats, of which it is said “Dogs come when they’re called; cats take a message and get back to you later.“ The general impression that most people have of cats is that they behave as though they are superior creatures, rule the home and rarely show affection. Yet cat owners will tell you that that’s only partially true. Cats are loving pets who provide satisfaction and a sense of loving companionship. As the cat memes on social media depict, cats also provide entertainment for anyone who takes the time to observe them in various situations. Some of the most popular pictures and videos show funny cats as they interact with each other, with their owners and even with inanimate objects and other creatures. Have you seen the picture of the funny cat taking an afternoon siesta with a parakeet snuggled under his paw? Or the video of the hilarious cat who adopts a litter of puppies, nurses them and treats them like her own kittens There are photos and clips of funny cats as they gaze into mirrors, steal food, deliberately knock things over and poune on their owners’ for a 3:00a.m. wake-up call. There’s something very satisfying about watching a smart cat in a world that seems to assume that humans are  the only intelligent beings. The popularity of cat pictures and videos suggests that watching funny cats  is a passion which is shared by millions of people around the world.